Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts or submit a testimonial below. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

Submit a Testimonial

My daughter Christina passed away in Chicago on January 2nd 2024. I live in South Carolina and had no way of getting to Chicago to take care of her. I contacted caring cremations and use their online cremation package. They handled everything for me including sending her Ashes to me in South Carolina. I could not have asked for better service they called me to confirm each step of the process. I would definitely recommend them for anybody else who was in the same situation I was in.

Saundra Stewart

January 23, 2024

My family had the privilege of working with Vivian at caring cremations. When I tell you caring cremations is exactly Caring, understanding, and patient people that’s who they are. Vivian answered every question Our family had. Vivian went over the entire process and the process went exactly the way Vivian explained it to our family. We as a family is more than satisfied with the service that we received from caring cremations. Vivian at Caring cremations is very patient, understanding and most of all professional. Vivian kindness made this process much more easier to deal with. Again the Jones family thank you and appreciate everything that was done. also, the phone calls is returned in a quick fastest manner. Thank you all for everything we appreciate it. The Jones family.

David/ Jones Family

December 07, 2023

Caring Cremations is just that, caring. They are very experienced and professional. They can handle everything from collecting the body to getting the death certificates to notifying Social Security. They are amazingly fast to respond to any question. No matter what day of the week I called with a question, Vivian either answered the phone and helped me immediately or called me right back. She went above and beyond every step of the way. Her kindness and helpfulness made a difficult time much easier. I highly recommend Caring Cremations.

Karen Osborne

August 29, 2023

This year my mother, Pearl Williams died and Milos, Ricky, and Vivian, Andrew once again were there to comfort. Theis Gorsky service is economical.

Morganna S Williams

October 29, 2022

Thank you for going above and beyond caring cremations. Right from the moment we met Milos we were assured everything will go the way we wanted, the price was very reasonable and the support was invaluable. Milos was very kind, patient and answered all our questions in our time of grief. Everything was arranged perfectly be it picking our daughter from the hospital, our daughter was dressed beautifully right from the manicure to the makeup. She looked gorgeous and it was as if she was in a deep sleep for the showing. The arrangements were very well done and the time was accommodated to suit us. Milos and the staff made it easy for us to concentrate on our daughter without having to worry about any of the legal procedure. We also liked that loved ones could share their memories, support and love. Thank you again, highly recommended


May 18, 2022

Words cannot express my gratitude to Caring Cremations and Milos Djordjevic for all they did for my beloved son Eric Victor Puchala who was killed in a bicycle accident. From the first moment that I called Caring Cremations, Milos was with me, gently guiding me, and answering all my questions. It was a very difficult time for me and my family, and Milos' compassion and understanding enabled us to carry on. There were others at Caring Cremations who showed they cared: Joe who set up beautifully the viewing room with flowers and candles, and Vivian who arranged for Father Benjamin from St. Wladyslaw's Church to conduct the service. As painful and devastating it was to lose my son, who was brother to Alfred, Vincent and Yvonne, Caring Cremations helped our family to bear our grief and lay my beloved son to rest, who is now in heaven with Jesus and Mary, with angels and all the saints.


April 17, 2022

When my father passed away at home I did not even know who to contact initially. Milos at Caring Cremations assisted me by telling me who to contact and what to do next. Our family was treated with respect and my father was cared for in a dignified manner. I was able to select the affordable package I wanted without any pressure and all my questions were answered quickly. The passing of my father was a stressful event but the staff of Caring Cremations helped to make the process easier.


February 18, 2022

Caring Cremations provides the basic services perfectly: Arrangements, form, billing and the like. Those things are enormously helpful during such trying times. What probably sets them apart is their genuine kindness and helpfulness in matters not usually contemplated. Yet these things are inextricably intertwined with those basic functions. For example, I've needed death certificates for a variety of sources beyond those ordered. Not only have these good people offered to mail them, but also have sent email copies that they scanned. In these touches and countless more, they ease the pain of loss by attending to the survivors as people, people under stress and people overwhelmed by myriad emotional issues. For all of this, I am enormously grateful, as they've made my world somewhat less troubling.


September 20, 2021

Milos is patient and kind. The staff is understanding and diligent. If you need help and it is your first time with death, Andrew, Milos, and Ricardo work with you until the end. Prayer cards and flowers, and keepsake necklace exquisite selection. Vivian is a caring person. Theis Gorski Funeral Home is beautiful. My mother will be there because of the service.

Morganna Williams

August 25, 2021

Milos and Angelene are wonderful and they have both been extremely helpful throughout this very hard time. My family has a lot of Chinese customs and traditions with the passing of a family member, and they were both extremely accommodating and understanding. While this is always a hard time, Caring Cremations certainly made it much smoother and helped bring out family to peace and acceptance. Thank you again.

Kevin Zhao

March 18, 2020

Recently my nephew was found dead and taken to the morgue in Chicago. His next of kin were in Virginia and Arizona and I live in Florida. I wanted to deal with the body but did not know how to even begin the process. After checking around on-line I came across the website of Caring Creamations and called the number shown. The call was answered by Milos who immediately eased my concerns. From that first phone call on he patiently walked me through the process. This involved getting permission from the next of kin and taking charge of the body. The fact of the death made it a horrific event but the caring, kindness, and efficiency demonstrated by Milos went a long way to easing the pain I felt. When all was completed the cremation was affordable, completed in a timely fashion, up to and including the delivery of the death certificate to me. While I hope nobody would have to go through the process I would strongly recommend Caring Creamations to those that do.

Ronald Weissman

February 16, 2020

My brother died in Chicago, I live out of state and what is left of my family ( my elderly mother and my disabled sister) live in PR. We did not know of my brother's whereabouts for many, many years. It hurt me deeply that we did not get to see him before he died. After he passed, I did not know how I was going to get his body or his remains back home to PR. I did not have any money to fly his body back home and neither did my mother. So my mother and I decided it was best to get his body cremated, and somehow find a way to get his cremains home. Since I've never plan a cremation before, I had no idea what to do or how to do it. So, I went online, and for a few days I kept looking at websites after websites and calling funeral homes and crematories in Chicago, but I was not feeling confident. I had so many doubts and so many questions. How does one arranges a funeral or cremation for a loved one online? How do I know they will follow through with what they say they will do with my brother's body? Who do I trust? Burial vs. cremation? What will the cost be? Can I afford it? What will be the cost to fly the cremains home? Will someone have to fly with the cremains? After spending numerous hours on the phone trying to find answers to all my questions and going online trying to find the right place, I was left discourage and overwhelmed over the high prices and the lack of love and compassion. I said, Lord I cannot do this on my own, I have no idea what I'm doing. Lead me to the right place. A place trust worthy, a place where my brother's body will be treated with care and dignity; a place where I can feel the love and compassion my brother deserves, a place that would be affordable...And God did. I turned on the computer one more time and there it was, He found Caring Cremations for me, the right place to fill our needs. Caring Cremations is all the above and more. I called them immediately and Milos answered the phone. The first thing Milos said was; " Sorry for your loss". The way he said it, sounded like he really meant it. It felt as if he understood and felt what I was going through. His voice was very calming and assuring. I explained my situation to Milos and his feedback was very professional and caring. I could hear compassion in his voice. I felt as if I was talking to an old friend helping me through a painful time. I knew I've found the right person and the right place for the caring of my brother. Milos explained everything I needed to know and do for the cremation. He provided me with prices. I thank God for the affordable prices that Caring Cremations offers. Milos went above and beyond anything I could imagine to meet my family's needs. After all the arrangements were completed, I felt confident that Milos would take good care of my brother and his cremains would arrive home in a safe and timely manner. They did. My brother's funeral will be this coming Friday, in PR. Milos, Caring Cremations and you, were a gift from God to my brother, my family and I. I don't believe in chance, coincidence or luck. I believe in divine appointments. And Milos, finding Caring Cremations and you was ordained by God for you to help my family through this difficult and painful time. Thank you! The cremains arrived in PR as you promised. Thank you for the beautiful urn. Milos, my family and I are grateful for all your caring, help and assistance during this difficult and painful time, and, for helping me getting my brother to his resting place. Milos, my family and I will pray for God to continue to bless you and your work. You are a gift. I highly recommend Caring Cremations and Milos to take care of your loved one.

Gladys Carter

October 28, 2019

I high recommend Caring Cremations. They are very professional and compassionate. I felt comfortable placing my mom in their care. Angeline and Milos, on behalf of the Gayden family, thank you for all of your support during this difficult time.

Tonik Gayden

September 29, 2019

Milos is the best he did everything I ask and he was so kind and his staff was great I had never did anything like this so I was a little scared but this is what my husband requested and milos made me feel real good about my decision I am happy the I went to caring cremations .

andrea wilson cravens

July 25, 2019

There is no more challenging time than when you are making the arrangements after the death of your loved one. Even when you know it's coming - it's just a difficult thing to do but Milos Djordjevic of Caring Cremations is exemplary at his work. Milos and his services were an absolute blessing to myself and my family during a very difficult time. Upon the sudden loss of my father, my family and I were asked by hospital where we wanted him to be taken. We had no idea what to do and found Caring Cremations online. Trusting that everything happens for a reason, we decided to call Milos and see what he had to say. He was kind and understanding with our questions and gentle and compassionate with his words. He was thorough explaining all of our options, upfront about his pricing, and excellent in delivering what he promised. Milos is the epitome of a professional and there were several ways he showed compassion. By making sure my father’s companion was able to see him one last time before the cremation or meeting us at the church with our father’s ashes the day of the funeral, he did not hesitate to be there at any moment. Milos said he wanted to do whatever he could for us to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition. He is respectful and exceeded all of our expectations. Everything about Milos and his involvement with our fathers service was 100% God-sent. He is a true gem and I believe that he is living out his purpose on this Earth by loving people so incredibly well at their hardest times. In the end, we were able to honor my father during his passing in a respectful and very affordable way. This would have been very difficult to accomplish in the short time period we had to prepare without the expertise, compassion, and professionalism of Milos Djordjevic. With Caring Cremations you get far more than what you pay for. Kindness. Compassion. Knowledge. Professionalism. For anyone in need of funeral and cremation services, I would highly recommend using Caring Cremations. Thank you Milos for being who you are! The Family of Raymond "Butchie" Coleman


July 07, 2019

I've never experienced having a loved one cremated. Milos was awesome and made me feel comfortable. You can tell he is passionate about what he does. He answered all questions and made this journey a lot easier for me. The team is also amazing, every person I spoke to. I certainly recommend Caring Cremations to help with the final arrangements of a loved one. Thanks again Milos!


February 28, 2019

Milos and his team were extraordinary in everything they did to help me and my family during this difficult time. Everything was done impeccably—and with grace and elegance. Will never forget his calming presence when he appeared at my husband’s deathbed. You can do no better than to reach our to Caring Cremations! —Nika

Nika Semkoff Levi-Setti

December 06, 2018

Milos was very supportive and helpful during this experience. He made everything simple and comfortable for the family. He was extremely patient and willing to make sure that our needs were met. I truly appreciate everything that he did. It made our time of loss easier to deal with.

Tonia Humphrey

December 04, 2018

Milos, We cant express our gratitude enough! Thank you so much for everything! Blessings!


November 06, 2018

Milos, Thank so much for the caring and compassion you showed to us in this difficult time. Being from out of state and being able to make the arrangements for my father Jack Fisher took a great deal of pressure off of me and my family. Milos is one of the finest people i have ever dealt with, God Bless. Stephen Fisher August 31 2018 showed us in this difficult time

Stephen Fisher

August 31, 2018

Thank you Milos for being so compassionate, empathetic, and sincere to me and my son Travis in our difficult time of need. CaringCremations did a wonderful job, and we love the Urn. Thank you so much, I hope you do come to Evanston.

Vickie McCray

July 20, 2018

Milos was very compassionate. We thank you so much for presenting our sister so we could say goodbye. Thank you for you care and compassion.

Pitterson, Stephanie

July 13, 2018

As an Ohio resident, I had a family member pass away in Chicago. We were unable to travel and I had to depend on the internet to find arrangements. Caring Cremations took away all my fears and worries. They helped me to navigate the maze of obstacles. All for the price advertised. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need.

Ellen Cartaino

June 20, 2018

I can't imagine a more accommodating and detailed organization to get you through a difficult time. There is simply no other option in Chicago that will provide this level of attention.


April 28, 2018

Caring Creamations did an outstanding job. They truly made things much easier for my family and I during a very hard time. I can’t thank them enough.


April 24, 2018

Caring Cremations does an exemplary job and makes a difficult time that much easier to bear. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and my family.


April 11, 2018

Caring Cremations is an honest and reliable business and took care of my family when we needed them the most. No hidden costs. Would recommend 100%.


April 10, 2018

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