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When a low-impact is top-priority, water cremation is the eco-friendly answer. Aqua cremation is quantifiably the softest final footprint. We take elements and principles from nature and use them in a finite way to reduce the body. The scientific name for this water-based process is ‘alkaline hydrolysis.’ Alkaline Hydrolysis uses a combination of gently flowing water, pressure, time, temperature, and sodium/potassium hydroxide to accelerate nature’s inherent ability to break down organic tissues. The expedited 6 hour flameless cremation reduces the body to simple bone minerals. Family’s can expect 20% more of their loved ones' remains returned, compared to flame cremation.

In fact, water cremation leaves 1/10th the carbon footprint compared to flame cremation. Flameless cremation uses 90% less energy and is the carbon-neutral alternative to flame cremation. Bio-waste is reduced and a whole 95% of the water used in the process is returned to the earth as a sterilized, bio-nutrient rich, liquid-fertilizer.

● Caring Cremations has invested significant time researching the lowest-impact cremation technology. In Chicagoland, we are the leading cremation service to take this impactful step.

● Losing a loved one is difficult, securing a minimally impactful cremation should not be.

● Flameless cremation bears no limit to memorial options and ensures long-term, eco-peace-of-mind.

Our mission is to make accessible water cremation and provide the option of a low-impact eco-technology with measurable eco-benefits. Flameless cremation is a gentle, eco-friendly water-based alternative to traditional carbon emitting, flame-based cremation.

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